Help Make Scout Local Better!

As well as other sources, Scout Local makes use of freely available crowdsourced geotag data to pull together information on different areas. What this means is that the data is created by "the crowd" - i.e. anyone who wants to help. This information is only as good as you make it - and by helping out you help to improve the accuracy and level of detail not only on Scout Local but all sorts of other applications that use these data sources.


Now that Royal Mail and the Ordinance Survey have made postcode data freely available we have (hopefully!) every postcode in the UK listed. If you live in a new development your postcode may not have been added to the dataset yet but rest assured we will keep our database up to date as often as possible.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their postcode coordinates before we were able to use this new resource!

Other geodata

Some of the other location data on Scout Local comes from GeoNames, a wonderfully inclusive source of geotagged information. They in turn get their data from a wide range of sources, some of which you can get involved with - including Wikipedia among many others.

For more information on datasets please see our FAQ page.